From the lush green forests of Siberia to the snow-capped mountains of the north Caucasus, from the barren tundra landscapes of the Far East to the bustling metropolises of Moscow and St. Petersburg, visiting Russia is bound to be an exciting adventure for everyone. Everybody who travels to Russia discovers the country in their own unique way, frequently falling in love with the place along the way and longing for the next opportunity to visit this beautiful land of contrasts.

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Russia is finally open for tourism. Whether you are exploring the country for the first time or visiting your loved ones, Union Visa LLC is here to help you with all the tedious paperwork required to be able to enter Russia.

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Travel to Russia requires a travel document to enter Russia. The Consulate General of the Russian Federation in the United States of America issues different categories of documents required for travel to Russia. The following paperwork must generally be submitted to the Consulate:

– Original National Passport
– Invitation letter (voucher)
– Application form and passport photo
– Consulate fee payment.
– Former citizens of the USSR, EU, or Non-US citizens must provide additional documents

Union Visa LLC is a private company that works closely with Russian Consulates but is not affiliated with any. We provide professional services and charge a service fee. Travel documents required for entry into Russia can also be obtained directly from Consulate.

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Union Visa LLC specializes in assisting individuals with their Russia travel needs, having a good long-term relationship with Russian Consulates, agencies, and courier services. We are a small family-owned company, that’s why our clients are always our top priority and get VIP service dealing with the owner directly, who is highly experienced with the documents required to travel to Russia and all potential issues that could arise along the way. We make sure all documents get accepted by the Consulate without delays. For your convenience, we provide Free Return shipping and take into account the time it takes to ship back your documents when calculating the total processing time. We work only with trustworthy courier services and guarantee our processing times, which ensures that you can get all required documents in time and plan your trip safely. Our clients are highly satisfied with our professional service, clear and fair prices, and never get any hidden or unexpected charges. We have been in business since 2011.

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