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  • You bring your Passport to us
  • We fill out all the forms for you
  • We do passport photos on-site for FREE
  • We submit your Application to the Consulate
  • You pick up your Cambodian Visa in our office

Electronic Visa (E-Visa)

  • You provide your information
  • We fill out all the forms for you
  • We do passport photos on-site for FREE
  • We submit your Application online
  • You receive your E-Visa via email.


Travel to Cambodia requires an entry Cambodian visa. The Consular Division of the Embassy in United States of America issues different categories of visas to Cambodia including Cambodian tourist visas, based upon the purpose of the trip and the duration of stay in Cambodia. The Cambodian Consulate requires the following documents in order to issue a visa to Cambodia according to its category:
– Original National Passport.
– Cambodia visa application form and passport photo.
– Consulate fee payment.
– EU, Non-US or Unstated citizens, Minors and applicants born in Cambodia must provide Additional documents.

Union Visa LLC is a private visa agency, which closely cooperates with the Cambodian Embassy, but is not affiliated with any. We provide professional travel visa services and charge a service fee. Visas for Cambodia can also be obtained directly from the Consulate.


Union Visa LLC is experienced in Cambodian Visas, having a good working relationship with the Cambodian Embassy, agencies, and courier services. We are a small family-owned company, which is why our clients are always our top priority. All of our customers get VIP service dealing with the owner directly, who will take care of all Cambodian visa requirements. We carefully process all visa applications to make sure all documents are accepted and that visas are issued with no delays. For your convenience, we provide Free Return shipping, which is included in the total processing time that we give to you. We work only with trustworthy courier services and guarantee our processing times, which helps you to get your Cambodian visa in time and plan your trip safely. Our clients are highly satisfied with our professional service, clear and fair prices, and never get any hidden or unexpected charges. We have been in the Travel Visa and Document Processing business since 2011.

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