US passport agencies are once again accepting expedited courier submissions.

We can get your passport application processed in as little as 6 business days.

Please contact us as availability is limited.

  • We provide hassle-free application process
  • We fill out all online forms for you and prepare set of documents
  • We do FREE instant passport photos in our office
  • No hidden fees (total amount is paid at your appointment)
  • We can do passport in as fast as 5-6 business days (72 hours  Government execution plus shipping)

Please choose the service that applies to you:

New-PassportYou can apply for New Passport if:   

  • You are the First time applicant (over 16 years of age); OR
  • Your prior passport was issued at age 15 or under; OR 
  • Your prior passport was issued more than 15 years ago; OR
  • Your Current valid passport is damaged

Click here for Fees, Terms and Instructions

Passport-renewalYou can apply for Passport Renewal if:

  • You already have a passport that is not damaged; AND
  • It was issued within the last 15 years; AND           
  • You were at least age 16 when your  passport was issued; AND
  • You have the same name as in passport (or you can present legal documents confirming the name change).

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Child-PassportYou can apply for Child Passport if:

  • You are under 16 years old.

Even if you have had a passport before, you still need to apply for a child passport as long as you are under 16.

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Lost-Stolen-PassportYou can apply for Lost/Stolen/Damaged Passport if:

  • You have lost your passport; OR
  • Your passport is damaged; OR
  • Your passport was stolen; AND
  • You are over 16 years old.


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All US citizens, born in USA or naturalized,  need to get US passport to be able to travel outside the USA. There are to ways to get US passport:

  • Regular – can be done directly through the Department of State, usually takes 4-6 weeks to process.
  • Expedited – can be done through expedited passport agency, like Union Visa LLC, as fast as 2 business days to process.

In order to apply for US passport (either way), the applicant has to provide the following documents:
– Proof of US citizenship.
– Proof of Identity.
– Itinerary (in case of expedited service).

Union Visa LLC is a private passport service agency, which closely cooperates with US Government, but not affiliated to. We provide professional expedited passport services and charge a service fee. 


Union Visa LLC specializes in Expedited US passport services having good long-term relationship with US departments, agencies and courier services. We are small family-owned company, that’s why our clients are always our top priority and get VIP service dealing with owner directly, who is deeply experienced in all government passport requirements. We carefully process all passport applications to make sure all documents are accepted and passports are issued with no delays. We work only with trustworthy courier services and guarantee our processing times, what helps to get US passport in time and plan your trip safely. Our clients are highly satisfied with our professional service, clear and fair prices and never get any hidden or unexpected charges. We are in Visa, Passports and Document Processing Business since 2011.

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