The e-visa should be printed and carried with your passport when you travel into Sri Lanka. The e-visa is valid for 180 days from the date of issue and allows you to enter Sri Lanka multiple times and stay there for up to 90 days on each entry. 

Depending on the purpose of your trip, you can apply for a tourist or business e-visa. 

TOURIST VISA  for US citizens
Visa type Turnaround Time Cost
Tourist  2-4 business days $95
1 business day $135
Business   2-4 business days $100
1 business day $140
Turnaround time is calculated from the day we receive all of your documents to the day your visa is delivered to you.


a12dd6_acc311c05a0d43b29840e98f32d2c6d4 E-VISA FEE

a12dd6_acc311c05a0d43b29840e98f32d2c6d4 FILLING APPLICATION FORMS

a12dd6_acc311c05a0d43b29840e98f32d2c6d4 SERVICE FEE

a12dd6_acc311c05a0d43b29840e98f32d2c6d4 PASSPORT PHOTO


1. Please make an appointment at (727) 683-1467. 

2. Bring your original national passport and itinerary (if you have one).  

3. We accept credit cards, cash, or money order payable to Union Visa LLC for your e-visa payment. 

Our address: 801 West Bay Drive, 3rd floor, Suite 313, Largo, FL 33770

If you would like to apply by mail or electronically, please call us at (727) 683-1467.

Have any questions? Call now (727) 683-1467
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