1. Open the following link: https://visa.kdmid.ru

Please keep this guide open as you complete the online application form. Fill out the application to the best of your knowledge and ability. We will correct your application as necessary once we receive your paperwork. 

2. Choose the country where you are applying for your visa- you have to choose UNITED STATES.

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3. Create a one-time password for your application form. Save your APPLICATION ID and the PASSWORD you created! We will need this information in order to make any corrections in your applications. If you will not be able provide them we will have to charge $30 Retype fee!
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4. Select Ordinary as Type of passport. Enter your passport information.
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5. If you have your own Invitation letter, use its information.

Otherwise, please select “none” in response to the question “Which institution are you going to visit?”:

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6. Important step! In the “Education and work experience” section, you must provide information about your college education and previous employment before your current job or retirement. 

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7. Select Russian Visa Centre (New York) as the location where you will be applying for your visa.

8. Check your application info, scroll all the way down and press to SAVE AND SUBMIT button.

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9. Select Print A4. Print downloaded Application.pdf

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10. Sign and Date your application. Do not glue your photo to application.  

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Proceed to the next step to complete the order form.

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