Visa Questionnaire 

Each applicant will need to complete a Nigerian visa questionnaire. Please be sure to print, complete, and sign the questionnaire. If you have any questions regarding the form, please call us at (727) 683-1467.

>Click here to complete the questionnaire 


Order form 

In order to provide you with the correct service please complete, print, and sign our order form. You can make one form for multiple applicants as long as they have the same return shipping address.

>Click here to complete the order form 

>Click here to complete Additional Statement of Non-Liablity


Collect your documents

Original national passport. Make sure your passport has at least 2 blank visa pages, is signed and valid for at least 6 months after the conclusion of your trip. 

One recent passport type 2”x 2” photograph on white background. This photograph must be taken within the last 6 months.

Recent Bank Statement with your name on it with more then $500 end balance.

Invitation Letter from family or friends from Nigeria >Click here for exemple , Copy of Invitee Nigerian Passport.

Check or money order payable to Union Visa LLC for the amount indicated in the Order Form.


 Send your documents

Make a package with your Nigerian visa questionnaire, order form, original passport, 2 photos, latest bank statement, invitation letter + copy of invitee Nigerian Passport, itinerary (if you have one), other required documents, and payment and send it to the following address: 

Union Visa LLC; 801 West Bay Drive, Suite 313, Largo, FL 33770

Please use FedEx or UPS services (not ground) for your safety! We do not recommend using USPS. 

You are welcome to apply in person at our office in Largo, Florida. Please call us at (727) 683-1467 to set up an appointment (additional $50 fee applies)

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