The e-visa should be printed and carried with your passport when you travel into Bahrain. The e-visa must be used within 30 days of the date of issue, so you should not apply for it more than a month before you travel to Bahrain.

Depending on your travel plans, you may apply for a single-entry 2-week stay visa, single-entry 1-month stay visa, or a multiple-entry 90-day stay visa (valid for 1 year).

We can help you get a tourist or business e-visa depending on the purpose of your trip to Bahrain.

TOURIST VISA  for US citizens
Visa type Turnaround Time Cost
Single 2-week  6-9 business days $85
3-5 business days $125
Single 1-month  6-9 business days $140
3-5 business days $180
Multiple 90-day 6-9 business days $310
3-5 business day $350
Turnaround time is calculated from the day we receive all of your documents to the day your visa is delivered to you.


a12dd6_acc311c05a0d43b29840e98f32d2c6d4 E-VISA FEE

a12dd6_acc311c05a0d43b29840e98f32d2c6d4 FILLING APPLICATION FORMS

a12dd6_acc311c05a0d43b29840e98f32d2c6d4 SERVICE FEE

a12dd6_acc311c05a0d43b29840e98f32d2c6d4 PASSPORT PHOTO


1. Please make an appointment at (727) 683-1467. 

2. Bring your original national passport and itinerary (if you have one).  

3. We accept credit cards, cash, or money order payable to Union Visa LLC for your e-visa payment. 

Our address: 801 West Bay Drive, 3rd floor, Suite 313, Largo, FL 33770

If you would like to apply by mail or electronically, please call us at (727) 683-1467.

Have any questions? Call now (727) 683-1467
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